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Personhood and Severely Invalid Persons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Personhood and Severely Invalid Persons - Essay Example These debates would be linked to the position of severely invalid persons like persons with Acute Dementia in the ward I did my practical work in. Questions to be addressed include, who are they? What is their position in the society? And what moral and ethical obligations do health professionals like nurses owe to such persons. In my study of philosophy, I had on question on my mind and this was from my practical work. The question was, what is the position of people with acute dementia. The are seriously invalid and have a tough existence. I therefore began to wonder how their rights to health care accrued and why the state decided to respect their rights as human beings. I began to find out why we are required, as health professionals to take good care of them. I found a lot of answers about the fundamental rights of seriously invalid persons in my study of philosophy and readings on the theories on personhood. From my readings, I identified that personhood has been debated thoroughly in history. The Founding Fathers of America decided to grant equal rights to all the colonialists to kind of liberate them from the harsh rules of the British colonialists. This became the fundamental principles of human rights which became part of the United Nations' conventions over 170 years after America gained independence in 1776. Merrill (1998) argues that in the world today, personhood is the basis of rights. She states that â€Å"the person is to ethics as the cell is to biology: the minimal basic unit† (Merrill, 1998). Personhood therefore forms the basis for the definition of moral theory. The society depends on the mutual recognition of personhood (Elridge, 1989). Thus, the fundamentally flawed societies failed to attribute respect to the personhood of certain people. Examples include Nazi Germany which killed six million Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals because in their view, these persons did not have rights that guaranteed them life and justice. Aside these people, Germans with acute mental issues like those with down syndrome and acute dementia like those I cared for during my practicals were a blotch to the pure Aryan race the Nazis sought to raise. They were separated and most of them were killed. This is because they were not viewed as humans or persons, under the Nazi philosophy. Also, there is evidence of several people in the Nazi concentration camps being used for experiments like twins, blue eyed person and midgets/dwarfs. This is because such persons were not considered to be 'persons'. Eventually, Nazi Germany was invaded by the Allies and this was seen as a triumph of good over evil. The United Nations was formed in 1945 to protect the rights of people in all parts of the world. In the long run, it is clear that the nations that led the United Nations and Allied course had studied important elements of 'personhood' and that forms the basis of moral ethics today which defines the fundamental rights of patients including people with severe dementia. Locke, who was one of the earliest philosophers whose concepts supported human rights argued that an individual defines himself in a given way. That is what sets the foundation of his identity. Once this is done, the individual is viewed as he defines himself or herself and define him or her as a 'person' (Locke, 2003) . Thus, it is more of self which evolves to the person. In Locke's second treatise, it was concluded that a society is a collection of persons (2003). Due to this, persons come together to collectively define the structures of a society. As such, they should have rights in order to live a meaningful life. Kant on the other hand, believed in the theory of individual

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Plaza Home Health Services Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Plaza Home Health Services - Assignment Example The strength of Plaza Home Health Services is that it caters to elderly people. There are very few hospitals that cater to such range of people. Such individuals hence have an excellent opportunity to live a peaceful life. They have designed state of art University Plaza Rehabilitation & Nursing Centre. There they have all the amenities which senior citizens need during a rehabilitation therapy. They have launched education program in order to help the families of the patient make intelligent decisions for their loved ones. There they bring experts from the healthcare services at discussing a range of topics like Stroke, Diabetes, Pain Management, Dental Healthcare, Medicare Fraud, Skin Care, Senior Safety and Identity Theft. They have attained breakthrough in rehab therapy through new Tibion Bionic Leg. This helps the patients walk again after being in Wheel Chair after a long period of time (Niles, 2011).The weakness of Plaza Health Services is that they can’t afford many pa tients all at once. They have not opened up many such medical services across the United States. They have limited presence. They have been serving only Villa Rica and their surrounding area for 27 years. Hence they need to expand their network across the United States. Plaza Home Care provides a full range of medical equipment to their patients. According to research, the senior citizen population in the US continues to increase as the boomers reach the age of 65. Miami-Dade has largest senior citizen populations in the country.

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A Fast Way to a Fast Food Essay Example for Free

A Fast Way to a Fast Food Essay According to a recent survey, the UK is particularly fond of fast food. Many people turn to fast food as it is quick, convenient, and relatively cheap even though there are many concerns over public health and obesity. With a large number of fast food chains available, how do likes of McDonald’s, Subway, and Pret. A merger maintain their market share at a time when people are cutting back on their spending? In the 10 largest UK cities, the number of fast-food outlets increased by 8,2 percent, to 1. 456 in 2009 (the highest growth occurred in London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow). Among the UK’s biggest chains, Subway grew faster than others. The number of Subway restaurants increased by 25,9 percent to 734 in 2009. In the same year, Domino’s pizza (DPZ) increased its outlets by 19,8 percent to 260 and E A T increased its outlets by 17,8 percent to 86. The growth of these chains is considered as a success particularly when competing against other giant chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and Wimpy’s. Although fast food chains provide quick and efficient service, their operation models are different. In the traditional model, like Mc Donald’s, customers enter the restaurant, study the menu panels for a short period, and stand in the shortest line (behind the many counters). When the customer reaches the front of the line, he or she places an order, pays at the register, and collects the food within few minutes. When, a customer requests a nonstandard item, for example a burger with no tomatoes or extra bacon and cheese, the order is not available in the prestocked food area. The counterperson calls the order in to the production area. The item is then prepared to order as a priority. The waiting time is a bit longer in this case. Not all fast food chains in the UK follow the same customer service operational model. They have tried some innovative ideas to serve customers quicker and have more options and flexibility. In Subway, sandwich is prepared right in front of the customer, where the customer can select what type of bread, size, and sandwich fillings. The sandwich is normally ready in a couple of minutes and passed to the customer as soon as the customer pays for the food. Domino’z Pizza offers home delivery for a wide range of its pizzas, which can be personalized as well, in less than 20 minutes, while it does not charge for the delivery. Pizza Hut offers an open buffet as part of its service, to reduce the workload on its staff and give its customers more options with less price. In Pret A Manger and EAT, a set of sandwiches, salads, and desserts are assembled each day and stocked in the front of the shop where the customers select and pay for their meals. The stock level is then replenished during the day in line with demand. The aim is to continually meet the high quality and freshness standards. If any of the product assembled that day have not sold by the time the store closes, they are given to local charities rather than being stored and sold the following day.

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The Employability Paradigm Essay -- Denis O’Sullivan’s Cultural Politi

The Employability Paradigm Denis O’Sullivan’s Cultural Politics and Irish Education since the 1950’s (2006) makes the argument that early school leaving has traditionally been understood as a failure of the individual to succeed within mainstream schooling. This essay plans to outline and support O’Sullivan’s argument and also to show how the political and educational system in Ireland has created a criterion for success which guarantees a certain amount of failure. O’Sullivan’s (2006) argues that the Employability Paradigm which emerged in the 1970’s served to distinguish a group of students who were not achieving the standard needed to guarantee employment. Employability is the assessment of those with the lowest chance of success in an economically motivated nation. It posits that intervention is necessary to prevent those individuals who have failed within the system from being dependent on social welfare and subsequently from being socially excluded (O’Sullivan 2006). In the early 1970’s, Ireland’s entry into the European economy and the changing employment market combined to connect education attainment to employability. As a result, educational credentials became the accepted way of assessing ability and this served to focus attention on those leaving school early with little or no qualifications. O’Sullivan argues that while the policy of the state, on the surface, seemed to support equal opportunity with the provision of free access to secondary education, the reality for most working class students was far from equitable. There were limited interventions available for those who needed help to develop the skills needed to benefit from access to secondary education and these students became disenfranchised. The disc... and Youth Labour Markets: A Cross-National Analysis IN: Blanchflower, D. and Freeman, R.Youth Employment and Joblessness in Advanced Countries. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Mac Einri, P. 1997. Some Recent Demographic Developments in Ireland. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 7th May 2012] O’Dubhslainà ©, A. 2006. The White Paper On Education: A Failure To Invest. Student Economic Review. 20 p 115 O’Sullivan, D. 2006. Cultural Politics and Irish Education since the 1950’s. Ireland: Cork University Press. Ronayne, T. 2004. Regions Without Work: Unemployment and Labour Market Policy in Ireland. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 7th May 2012] Stokes, D. 2004. Submission to the Youth Justice Agency. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 7th May 2012]

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Of Mice and Men Novel Essay

The novel was set in California in 1937, on a barley farm. The book is about 2 guys named George and Lennie. They are 2 friends who travels around together going from workplace to work place, earning there keep. To achieve a dream a dream of owning there own piece of land to do whatever they want. There are alot of characters that are lonely in this novel. Candy is one, he is the oldest worker on the farm, and with being a pensioner he is also disabled, but not bye mental, but only has one hand. I think this is why people on the ranch don’t really want to know him. He’s old and one-handed. Krook’s is another lonely individual on the ranch, he’s also one of a kind in the book. He’s the only black person there. Back then it was extremely common for there to be racism, so the fact that a negro was on the ranch made it incredibly hard for him. Curley’s wife is another example of one of a kind on the ranch, she is the only woman on the ranch. Her husband curly is full of himself, and is always looking for a fight. So in order to speak to Curley’s wife, is just asking for trouble. This doesn’t help her, because at first people just think she’s a slapper whose trying to get the guys at the ranch in trouble. but she really cant help feeling lonely and wanting a conversation with a human being now and then. Feisty Curly is very strict over her and almost has her imprisoned. A way Steinbeck has done this is because you don’t even know her name. the fact that no one wants to get to know her, or just the fact she is kept away from society we don’t even know her name. George and Lennie are two guys who are travelling around together, working around wherever they can to earn some money. George is the smaller of the two but the one with the brains. Lennie on the other hand is a big strong lump. The classic type of couple to go travelling around. Lennie isn’t just all brute force, he is actually very affectionate he likes soft animals that he can pet. He doesn’t quite understand his own power, as you will find out later. George takes care of Lennie through there travels, because Lennie wouldn’t survive by himself. Even though Lennie is a burden on George, he doesn’t just leave Lennie because he knows that he’d be nothing without him. Lennie does respect George though like an older brother or parent, he will listen to everything George says and do it. But everyone else he couldn’t give a damn! After a discussion Lennie and George were having about there dream place, George announces to Lennie he knows somewhere like they’ve always talked about. Candy over hears as he is still in the room. Now Candy is an old swamper, who spends his time sweeping. He doesn’t want to live the rest of his life like this. He interrupts there conversation, to give George a proposition of helping them out with the land. He offered a huge sum of money towards it. Maybe he was also buying himself into a relationship. He also offers to cook clean and other various chores around the place. After he offers the money they can’t resist the offer or there dream would stay a dream forever. But I think they knew they could trust Candy as he hasn’t got anything to live for or in any way betray the two. Crooks is the only nigger in this story. I think Steinbeck gave a sense that even if you didn’t read the description of crooks you would know he was different somehow. He isn’t allowed to play cards with the other guys in the bunkhouse, he’s not even aloud in the bunkhouse. He has his own room out in the stables, its kind off like they’ve just said, now he’s out with the other animals. Just because he is a different colour, they just look down on him, like he is an animal. This shows the extent of the racism. But in one way this is the one thing, crook is aloud to have, that is his own personal space. I think the others respect this as they know if they want to come in, then they need his permission first. He is very sour towards white people, as what they have pout him and his family through for generations. So he is very bitter against racists, and white people in general. When Lennie is in the barn, after his pup died, via the over petting from Lennie. Curly’s wife enters the scene. They sit and talk, at first Lennie wants to obey George’s orders, but she convinces him to settle down. I think Steinbeck made this scene more than just to put an end to Curly’s wife. I think its also to bring the two most lonely people on the ranch together. All the men are outside horseshoeing, apart from Lennie. And Curly’s wife just expelled from everyone as per usual. So after talking, they seem to have made ‘friends’. When lennie talks about his love of animals and soft things, she says he can touch her hair, because its soft. But now after Lennie touches her hair it has flipped the story right round to the beginning. Lennie not understanding the delicate female emotions. After stroking her hair for abit, she asks him to stop. But Lennie can’t resist, and just has to keep stroking her. After this she thinks she’s being attacked or assaulted. She gets very panicky, and starts screaming. This gets George very confused and scared. In shock he pleas for her to stop, with his hands around her mouth. This just gets her even more scared and she keeps going. Lennie not knowing what to do, gets angry that she’s not listening to him and violently shakes her. Resulting in her breaking her neck. After he realises what he’s done. He remembers what George told him, and run’s away to the riverside where he was told to go if he caused trouble. Now after everyone had found out Curley’s wife was dead George and curly knew there dream was shattered. There’s nothing they could do to save Lennie from a fait ending only with death. Candy seems very thoughtless and selfish, when he asks George â€Å"George can we still do it?† But I think hes just trying to keep his dream alive for a little more. He really needed an outlet from the life he is leading at this time. George must have been quite offended, especially how close he was to Lennie. But they both must have been annoyed. They’ve both just had there dream shattered in a moment. I think Candy wanted to keep it alive just for a little longer.

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Sustainability Multiple Choice Questions - 1540 Words

Chapter 23 Multiple Choice Questions Name: ____________________________________________________________ 1) The term sustainability refers to ________. A) maintaining resource use at current or higher levels B) keeping the natural environment and human society in a happy, healthy and functional state C) holding or increasing the current quality of human life D) always focusing on fulfilling short‑term needs E) opposing change from current policies Objective: 23.2 Sustainable development 2) The current use of fossil fuels versus the need to develop new renewable energy sources is an example of ________. A) how short‑term needs are in opposition to†¦show more content†¦A) funding for scientific research and elimination of damaging and inefficient technology B) increase of technology developed through self‑interest of large companies C) having citizens be cognizant of the need for politicians to work with big business D) public pressure to put limits on environmental protection E) importing inferior technology to developing countries while developed countries invest in green technology Objective: 23.4 Consumption, population, technology, and sustainability 10) Ecological economists suggest that we can gain better understanding of economics and human interactions with the environment if we view human economies as ________. A) consumer driven B) preservation driven C) entities that are integrated within natural systems D) entities that are devoid of ecosystem characteristics E) consumption driven Objective: 23.4 Consumption, population, technology, and sustainability 11) Which of the following will lead to sustainability? A) increasing energyShow MoreRelatedIntroduction. The Sustainability Checklist Was Created1558 Words   |  7 Pages â€Æ' Introduction The Sustainability Checklist was created as a means to establish a concrete measuring stick for the 5 goals set out within The Path to 2040: Sustainability Strategy in relation to new development and zoning variations. Its purpose is to raise awareness of sustainability concepts throughout the community and assist developers in making greener choices that mesh with the values set forth by the City of Nelson and as a tool for planners reviewing applications to evaluate applicationsRead MoreThe Theory Of The Research Methodology1142 Words   |  5 PagesThe main reason behind this particular choice is that the research is based on the experience and opinions of individuals, and not based on scientific methods. 4.4 Data Collection Method Yin (1994) believed that research strategy should be chosen as a function of the research situation. Each strategy has its own precise approach to collect and analyse data, and therefore each strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages (Amaratunga, 2002). The choice of research method was centred on the evaluationRead MoreMy Future Career Goals858 Words   |  4 PagesThese career choices I have laid out as my future career goals will help to not only educate myself, but also others in society by showing them all the benefits to sustainability. Through my intended work as an ambassador for sustainability I will be accessing current situations and helping to develop plans to help make changes for the good, this will be seen across all scales with students, buildings or businesses, neighbourhoods or communities, and hopefully on the bigger scale of globally. OverRead MoreA Research Study On Social Research Methods1605 Words   |  7 Pagessecondary education program in the United States of America. In total 25 people responded to the survey in which there were 17 female respondents, 7 male respondents, and 1 respondent who did not indicate their gender. However for six of the survey questions some of the participants were excluded due to response error. The study specifically gathered data from Loyola Marymount University, which is a predominantly middle to elite class college on the West Side of Los Angeles that has easy access to farmersRead MoreThe Borough Of Brentwood, England Be Considered A Sustainable Community?1112 Words   |  5 Pages To what extent can the borough Of Brentwood, England Be Considered a Sustainable Community? Subject- Geography Topic- Sustainability Introduction Sustainability is currently a global concern. In recent years scientists have publicised theories that the Earth will not be able to cope with the exponential growth of pollution and resource consumption. At present there are many examples of areas that have made their communities sustainable as a result of the UN millennium goal. TheseRead MoreSustainability Reporting For Hotel Companies : A Tool For Overcoming The Crisis1190 Words   |  5 Pages I choose sustainability in the lodging industry because with this being relevant in most of my major classes this semester. I wanted to do more research and become more knowledgeable on why sustainability is so important and the impact it has on this generation and generations to come. The three pillars of sustainability are the environmental, physical and social aspects that all affect one another, especially in terms of tourism and hospitality. The industry is only growing and if continuesRead MoreWhy Buyers Are More Familiar With Any Uk Government Schemes?1446 Words   |  6 Pagescontinuous education with regards to property and more specifically sustainability. Even though it is related to their job, knowledge about sustainability and property is not a necessity for them to able to complete their job. Question 3. If you believe buyers are more familiar with certain UK government schemes, please list which of the above those are (can be listed by letters) Table 5: Question 3 Figure 13: Question 3 Question 3 required the participants to provide information on whether orRead MoreCsr And Its Two Streams818 Words   |  4 PagesThe strategic business unit and strategic choices were also learned. Overall, it reflected that strategic management is concerned with scope direction and purpose. The concept of CSR and its two streams, the principles that guide organizations in their decision making process were learned. The existence of business ethics, its values and how it differs from society to society was part of the discussion. In relation with CSR, environmental sustainability and the social policy which is concerned withRead MoreRisk With High Impact, Is For Consumer Health Organization Convention1729 Words   |  7 Pagesexcise duties, with limited increases in product prices, increase the range of possible products with a lower impact on health, to give the consumer more choice. In addition, it can work closely with the government to try to limit the increases, perhaps by investing more in research. Another type of risk is coming from the individual consumer choice, in quitting smoking aware of the damage that smoking creates. This risk is always present in this type of business, but it would have a significant impactRead MoreRelationship Between Relationships And Family Structures1595 Words   |  7 Pagesthat refers to multiple intimate partners and experiences. However, some scholars argue that if, or when one individual engages in infidelity, Polyamory is a viable option to sustain the relationship. Academic research positions Polyamory as an option that may successfully replace divorce in domestic relationships. Evidently, Polyamorous and monogamous experiences influence much of the debate around the sustainability of such relationships. Further research questions the sustainability of monogamy in

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Information Privacy - 1353 Words

Information Privacy Name of the student The privacy of personal information related to the data stored on the computer systems is termed as Information privacy. The information privacy is related to privacy of personal data that is collected by various organizations for personal use. The private information can be stored in medical records, political records, criminal records, financial data, data on website or any information related to the business related which needs to be protected and keep it secured. Thus information privacy may also be called as data privacy. An important aspect of information sharing is information privacy. With the advancement in technology, there has been increase in vulnerabilities related to personal†¦show more content†¦There are also various other concerns that are to be dealt by the law enforcement agencies that are related to theft of identity in an organized way, mounting the entire country or the groups that are targeted for mass disruption, and also invasion of privacy. An individual can do only little from his/her side to protect against loss of privacy and identity theft. Thus to prevent and remediate identity theft, the FTC i.e. Federal Trade Commission has established a web page i.e. http://www.consumer. gov/idtheft which will act as a central repository and source of information and will prevent from any theft to identity. By introducing the Congress towards the end and limiting the use of Social Security Number (SSN) as much as possible in the legislation by the government. Colleges, universities and business organizations should not make use of SSN on forms and cheques and should also not display it on the public lists, ID cards of students or badges. The student information that is available on the college websites and portals and are easily accessible by any general public, may also result in loss of data and identity theft by utilizing preapproved and unsolicited credit cards. Thus students are raising such issues themselves (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2002) to prevent form loss and theft of information and identity. Also, the need for use of SSN should be examined and questioned by every educational institution to protect data theft.Show MoreRelatedBig Data And Information Privacy2076 Words   |  9 PagesDavis Model United Nations Conference 2016 Committee: CSTD Country: Indonesia Topic 1: Big Data and Information Privacy Topic Background The amount of data on the planet in 2014 was around 4.4 zettabytes. It’s expected to grow to 44ZB by the year 2020. It’s also predicted that by 2020, the amount of information produced by machines will account for about 10% of data on earth. One Zettabyte is 1000 Exabytes or 1 Billion Terrabytes. To put it in perspective, with one exabyte of data, a person canRead MoreInformation Privacy : Computer And Information Sciences1041 Words   |  5 PagesInformation Privacy Aaliyah Hibbler Department of Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences Mississippi Valley State University 14000 Highway 82 West, Itta Bena, MS 38941, United States Abstract This paper describes and informs the reader of material about Information Privacy. It gives a background as to what Information Privacy is, and educates the reader on more about the subject. This paper includes definitions, past and present examples and details about the subjectRead MorePrivacy And Health Information Privacy Essay1527 Words   |  7 PagesInformation Privacy With the increase of use of electronics sharing of health information and improved communication within healthcare team, privacy in healthcare has become an important aspect of nursing. Privacy in healthcare addresses the question of who has access to personal information and under what conditions. In healthcare, privacy is concerned with the collection, storage, and use of personal information. It is every practicing nurse’s responsibility to keep up to date on current healthRead MoreInformation Privacy And The Protection Of Information1948 Words   |  8 Pages2014) Information Security can be defined as the protection of information and its characteristics which are confidentiality, integrity and availability, and all the systems and hardware that use, store and transmit information. Information systems and the information thereof are protected from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction (Andress 2014) and this can be achieved throug h the application of policy, training and awareness. Information privacy otherwiseRead MoreThe Ethics Of Data Handling And Information Privacy2125 Words   |  9 Pageshandling and information privacy are very complex. They can be split into three main categories the privacy itself, property and Accessibility. Privacy issues are related of what can be hidden from the public. Property issue is about the ownership of information collected and stored. Finally, the Accessibility is a concern of who is able to use this information and from whom consent. In Australia privacy is regulated through â€Å"Privacy Act 1998†. 1988 Act regulates handling private information by the governmentRead MoreThe Impact Of Internet On Information Privacy1607 Words   |  7 Pagesinto information after human interpretation), and the ability to do so from any device with an internet connection has altered almost every facet of human life. According to Antoun Nabhan, we â€Å"no longer ‘use’ (the internet) as much as we ‘live’ in it†. However, the emergence of the internet has also brought unforeseen complications. One major complication is the changes it has wrought upon information privacy. This paper will examine the role the internet has played in regards to information privacyRead MorePrivacy Of The Information Technology Essay1983 Words   |  8 Pages â€Æ' Executive Summary Privacy of the information is under a threat because of information technology. Different security tools and security mechanisms are available to protect the privacy, but on the other hand the advanced technology is helping the intruders to violate the information security policies. Today the usage of information technology is on the peek and due to this, the people are using different features of the information technology in their personal life. The sharing of personalRead MoreThe Information Age And The Concerns Of Privacy1953 Words   |  8 PagesThe Information Age and the Concerns of Privacy Communication is an essential act in the constitution of a society. Throughout history man has felt the necessity to express his emotions, thoughts, accomplishments and deeds. Communication is a fundamental process and the basis of any social organization. It is a human interaction between individuals, through which identities are formed. Communication technologies have changed dramatically in the last quarter-century, bringing in a new concept of communicationRead MorePrivacy Protecting Confidential Information On The Security Of The Confidential Data2657 Words   |  11 PagesAbstract— Privacy preserving in data mining specifies the security of the confidential data or attribute in the large data base. Sharing of extracted information from a data set is beneficial to the application users. But at the same time analysing such data opens treats to privacy if not done properly. This work aims to reveal the information by protecting confidential data. In the literature various methods including Randomization, k-anonymity and data hiding have been suggested for the same. InRead MoreA Brief Note On Privacy And Information Technology1807 Words   |  8 Pages Nikolay Solovyev Privacy in Information technology. Throughout this this class and our previous class we learned about ethics and information technology. Well privacy plays a big part in information technology. How it should be done, how some should act, and what is right and what is wrong. Before jumping into the topic, I think it is beneficial to define some of main term. â€Å"Privacy is the right to be left alone and free from surveillance and unreasonable personal intrusion. On